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The Mastercourse from Princess Máxima Center (Utrecht, The Netherlands) will be done for the first time in Latin America.

For this edition, several international partners with active global pediatric oncology programs like the Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and the St Jude Global Alliance will come together to bring their highest standards in this intensive educational course in pediatric oncology.

The Fundación Pérez Scremini in Montevideo, Uruguay will host this e
xciting meeting in its newly opened facility. The course aims to provide cutting edge educational contents in pediatric leukemias and lymphomas, stem cell transplantation and supportive care of children with cancer and the contents will be adapted to the Latin American reality with the participation of experts in the region in addition to worldwide experts from the sponsoring centers.

These 4 days of discussion and interaction will bring to Montevideo, up to 40 delegates from the major centers in South America.


Program directors: 


Three ½ day meeting scheduled to be in March 6-9, 2024.


Auditorium Fundación Pérez Scremini, Montevideo, Uruguay


English with no simultaneous translation


Full day in-person meeting with up to 40 attendees. 


“Flip classroom”
format providing the necessary reading in advance for attendees.


National and international experts share their expertise

All educational sessions are given by national and international experts in the field. All participants receive a certificate of attendance after completing a module and an overall certificate after completing all modules

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